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Eat! ¡Comer!

We believe that everyone deserves access to healthy, local, fresh,  pesticide-free fruits, vegetables, and herbs.  We also know the power each of us has to create a better world through supporting small, local farmers who prioritize care for the earth and the people who tend to it. Every neighborhood should have a community farm and every human should be able to have a relationship with the land where their food is grown and with the people who grow it. 

Our produce comes primarily from our farm (Community Roots) but we also partner with other small, pesticide-free, ethical, and mostly BIPOC farmers here in San Diego County so that we are able to provide you with more diversity!  This also helps to support small farmers in our region so that they can continue to steward the land and grow nutrient-dense food for all of us. 


One of our regular partners for sourcing local, yummy, ethical produce is Foodshed.  They are a farmer co-op that focuses on aggregation and distribution of local produce, prioritizing regenerating land, livlihoods, and communities across San Diego.


If you are interested in partnering with us to provide equitable produce for your program, restaurant, or community, reach out to us directly!  Our reach is based in North County San Diego, prioritizing Oceanside.  

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