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Join the global effort to keep organic material out of landfills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions

 "...if you just do your little bit without thinking of the bigness of what you stand against, if you turn to the enlargement of your own capacities, just that itself creates new potential."

-Dr. Vandana Shiva 

 Indian scholar, environmental activist, food sovereignty advocate,

ecofeminist and anti-globalization author.

Our brown bin is located at the farm & open 24/7 for food scrap drop-offs

Acceptable items:

  • egg shells

  • coffee grounds

  • coffee filters

  • paper tea bags

  • fruit/vegetable 

  • shredded paper

  • grains (cooked or uncooked)

  • breads/flours

  • spices

  • shredded paper

  • torn paper plates/

Items not accepted:

  • excessive meat or dairy

  • excessive fish products

  • any plastic/foil

  • rubber bands/twist ties

  • nylon tea bags


Why Community Composting?

By keeping our food scraps local, we are:

-reducing the energy that would be used to transport organics to larger processing facilities

-creating rich, fertile soil that can be redistributed to our neighbors & used to grow food for our immediate community

-opening an opportunity to learn about and reconnect with the cycles of our organic material

Community Roots Farm is a member of the California Alliance for Community Composting

How to get involved

Bring us your food scraps to add to our hot piles and worm tunnel

Join us making compost on

Thursdays from 9 am- 12 pm!

Attend one of our Compost Workshops! Follow our Instagram @communityrootsfarm for workshop announcements

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