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Community Farm Share

A weekly share of seasonal abundance from small, local, ethical farms.   

By purchasing a Community Farm share you are supporting small, local farmers and helping to build a resilient food system in our communities.  All proceeds from sales directly benefit programs operated by Botanical Community Development Initiatives.

We are partnering with Foodshed Distro, a farmer-owned cooperative, to aggregate the produce in your shares. They are working to build a more equitable and resilient food system and prioritize building relationships with farmers of color and in marginalized communities. 

There is also always produce from Community Roots Farm in your shares too!  Community Roots Farm grows vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers sustainably and ethically, emphasizing healthy communities and ecosystems.  We care for our soils, the biodiversity on and around the farm, and the people who tend and eat from it.  ​

Nurture your self, nurture your community.  We are in this together.

Market Match

Please indicate if you want a Whole Share or Half Share and Weekly, bi-w

Thanks for your order!

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